Color Explorations Class – Working with Pastels

For tonight’s class we are working with pastels.  We were given a plate of different color pastels.  The basic colors of blue, green, red, yellow, orange, white, and brown.  

We were given pastel paper with our drawing already traced.  The art center had interns helping out and so they traced our drawings for us.  The paper we used had a bit of grit on the surface.  Yes, reminded me of fine sand paper.  The rough surface will hold the pastel on the paper.  

The pastels I used were a bit student-grade quality.  They were also very hard.  My finger blending skills did not work well tonight plus the gritty paper was making my fingers a bit tender.  

My artwork is just so-so.  I know it could be better:  


You can definitely see a huge difference and style from my previous pastel drawing of champagne glass and cork and this pepper drawing.

My take away from class:  always use artist grade supplies and there will be less frustration.  

Paper used:  unknown mfg of gritted pastel paper (8″ x 10″)

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