A Flower

Personally, I think flowers are a difficult subject to draw.  I have a few hundred flower pictures in my archive.  When I get ready to draw, I always pull out a flower picture first.  It could be the composition that catches my eye or the the colors.  Then I put it back in my stack and pull out another picture not related to anything floral.

Today, I decided to grab a flower picture and just draw it.  I started with a loose outline of the flower.  I then sketched in the darkest values first.  The background came next.  I could have done more, but less is better.  I like how this one came out.  My motto:  Just Do It!


I left my remaining loose outlines on the paper.  That way you can tell where I started from and it also lets your imagination run wild as to how you would finish the flower.

Paper used:  Canson sketch paper


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