Peppers Anyone?

My plan is to draw/sketch from the many pictures I have taken in the Caribbean.  I have too many to count in my stack of “to draw in the future”.  Many of them are landscape pictures from the beautiful beaches I have visited and some are from my snorkeling adventures.  I will eventually draw all my favorites.  I draw from my own pictures that way I do not have to worry about copyrights.

In the meantime, here’s a drawing of peppers from a market in Grand Cayman:


When I first saw these peppers, I was drawn to how they were displayed, the odd numbers in the group, and the brilliant colors.  It is hard to visualize the colors when the drawing above shows only my graphite pencil.  Here’s a picture of my source photo with my drawing:


Remember I had mentioned in a past post about re-drawing favorite still life or scenes?  I have a feeling this photo will be reused for other future drawing experiments.

Paper used:  Canson sketch paper

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