Day 1 at the Pen Show

I wanted to share this bit of information. I was able to empty a bottle of Robert Oster Thunderstorm. My first empty fountain pen ink bottle. A milestone for me!

Now to get back to my normal post.

It was a gorgeous day to travel to the 2021 Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow. The temperature was in the low 80s with hardly any humidity. Normally, the whole month of August makes me “glow” and my hair is the first sign to go flat against my head. Not today and most likely for the remaining week and weekend. Traffic was light as I made my way over to the Marriott. The hotel was kind enough to have my room ready when I arrived. A good thing as I had a lot of bags to unload from my car and I wanted to get settled in the room before Hubby arrived.

Several trips later and my car unloaded, I quickly sent a text to Hubby. He was joining me later in the early evening. In the meantime, I was happy to see a long desk/table in our room as I had to spread out all of my workshop supplies and organized them so I could grab and go for each session.

I made my way to the main ballroom of the hotel to see if there were any fountain pen and ink activities I needed to be aware of. I went to the registration desk, introduced myself, and met the wonderful pen show managers, Barbara and Jeff. I received my badges and a bottle of Monteverde Bob’s Blue Ink. Bob Johnson passed away last year and his sister Barbara and his nephew Jeff took over the responsibility of running the DC Pen Show.

I reconfirmed the meeting room I had for the next few days and I was off to go exploring. The show tables in the main venue were setup and arranged in long rows. A few Exhibitors were starting to setup their assigned tables. At the right side of the ballroom wall and in the far corner I could see the Franklin-Christoph staff setting up their tables.

Along the left wall and center is the Kenro (e.g. Esterbrook) table which I was able to visit later in the show and try out Gina’s Journaler nib. More on that in another post.

Hubby texted me to say he was out front and not sure where to park. The front of the hotel has a small turnaround area with limited outdoor parking. There were folks who were waiting in line to unload their boxes of supplies for their exhibits.

I did not realize how hungry I was from all the running around I did from the time I left home until I unpacked my car at the hotel. Yes, I have to include a “foodie” picture of my gluten-free meal: Fish Tacos! I took a bite into my first taco and was so enamored I could have a meal that tasted close to normal. It was that good! I let Hubby take a bite of my delicious taco and he said I was not getting that one back! Hahaha! Good thing I had two more tacos to savor and not share with him.

I was not too worried about counting my calories for this long weekend. I knew I was going to get in a lot of steps and my Fitbit would be extremely happy with me. I made sure I was getting my protein and drank plenty of water.

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