An Update to My Maiora Impronte OS Posillipo FP

I received a package from Yafa. I was so excited when I opened the package to see a new replacement cap. Then came the disappointment. They sent me the wrong cap and it appears to be the regular size cap for their smaller Maiora Impronte pen. Unbelievable!

The new cap (right) is smaller
It’s quite evident the new cap does not fit

I contacted the online pen shop and the solution was to return both (my defective OS cap and their regular replacement cap) to Yafa along with a nice letter. It looks like it will be sometime in June when I’ll get to use my pen again. Not a happy camper right now.

Both caps in the plastic case: sent back to Yafa

For now, my Maiora looks a bit naked without her cap. I placed her safely in one of my unused Levenger pen cases. I’m documenting this here because when I finally receive the correct replacement cap, it’s a guarantee that I will forget where I put my pen for safe keeping. Hahaha!

2 thoughts on “An Update to My Maiora Impronte OS Posillipo FP”

  1. I recently had a similar experience with a faulty cap on an Opus 88 demonstrator bought as a gift from Cult Pens in the UK. (I’m in Canada). I won’t embarrass either Cult Pens or Opus 88 with details, but let me say publicly that both companies demonstrated a superb level of prompt customer service that will ensure my continued business with both.


    1. That is great to hear about the customer service experience you’ve received from Cult Pens and Opus 88.

      I hope to have my cap issue resolved soon.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. 😊

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