Silent Nite from Robert Oster

I received a new Robert Oster ink last week. It’s a pretty blue gray ink from his 2020 Holiday Ink Collection. I created a swatch card and was on the fence with this color. Some other new ink colors arrived from other brands and happened to be light colored inks. I think that swayed my decision to immediately match this ink with one of my pens. So the bottle and swatch card sat on my desk. Waiting for me to do something.

The other light colored inks I received are made by Ink Institute. I will probably set those inks aside until Spring. That’s how light the colors are. Those swatch cards are still sitting on my desk.

I was going through my pen cases and came across my favorite Visconti Mirage in Horn color. A light bulb immediately went off in my head. I grabbed my bottle of Silent Nite and filled my pen.

My quick sketch and writing sample of this gorgeous ink color.

The minute I wrote an entry in my ink log journal, I fell in love with this gorgeous Silent Nite color. This ink is a blue gray color with some lovely shading. You can see the subtle shading even with my Fine nib writing sample above.

This is a slightly dry ink and dries quickly. You can see from my sketch there is hardly any blue gray wash after I swiped my artwork with a water brush.

It looks like a muted gray color, but I love that I can read my handwriting. Some muted colors are hard to see on white paper. Not this one.

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