A Rose Gold Day

Here’s a quick post of a new pen and ink I received today. I saw someone post about a Platinum rose gold pen. It’s a new series in their Procyon line called Luster. Here’s my rose gold pen:

This rose gold Procyon is a stunning and elegant looking pen. Another EDC for sure.

I have a few Procyon pens from Platinum’s 100th anniversary collection in various colors with Fine nibs. The pens are not too light and weigh around 23 grams. I actually enjoy posting the pens and they feel well balanced in my hand.

I decided to go with a Medium nib on this beautiful rose gold version. I found out the sections on my other Procyons are swappable. So I can swap around between Fine and Medium when the mood hits me. Too bad they don’t offer additional nib sizes like Extra Fine or Broad.

Like their other models, the Procyon also has the “slip ‘n seal” cap which prevents the ink from drying out on the nib and feed. It really works. I had a Procyon inked for a year and forgot about it for several months. One day I picked it up and it wrote as soon as I put the nib down onto my paper. No hesitation.

The Procyons are well made and durable. The nibs are smooth and I do enjoy the writing experience. Who doesn’t love a rose gold pen?!

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