I’m Back! With a New Name!

I’ve just realized that I was not blogging at 2BArtist for the last two years.  Where have I been?  Well, I’ve been busy nurturing my creative hobbies.  Most of them.  I have accomplished so much more with my artwork.  I’ve also added pen and ink as one of my drawing mediums.  I’ll save that for a future post.

So what are my other creative hobbies?  Let’s see.  There’s knitting.  Oh and sewing.  Photography.  Well, photography goes hand-in-hand with everything I see and do.  I’m sure there’s some others I’m missing or not doing currently.

In the past, there were times I wanted to write/share about something creative I was doing, but I felt restricted because this site was used for drawing, sketching, and painting as you can see from my previous posts.  Plus my name, 2BArtist, was developed years ago when I was just starting out…dabbling in different mediums.  I felt like I’ve matured since then.

It was pretty clear to me last week that I needed to make some changes.  It started when I was organizing and cleaning out my office.  That’s what happens when I have all the time in the world and not working (because the winery has cut back).  Oh and not feeling guilty for not working.  I guess I had an epiphany and I knew it was time to start over.  Reset.  Turn over a new leaf.  Get rid of all those years of clutter.  Stop moving things around.  Start letting go of “stuff” I no longer needed.

At one point during the cleaning, I stopped calling my room “my office” or “my hobby room” and started calling it “my studio”.  Saying those words gave me more motivation, more direction, and well more creative juices.

So what’s new?  I did some poking around here on WordPress and found that I could rename my site from 2BArtist to SusieGStudio.  It took a few minutes for the change to take affect.  At one point I thought all my pictures had disappeared.  Patience was needed.  After a few more minutes and several refreshes my pictures came back.  Whew!  I still have a bit more tweaking to do to make it more functional, but for now…I’m back!

So now, I will be sharing my creative experiences and adventures with you.  There are no longer any self-imposed restrictions or limitations that I put on myself.  I’m ready to write and blog again.  Because life is very good!

Welcome to my new SusieG Studio!

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