My Favorite Pastel Book

Taking art classes was a big help in getting my art mojo back.  It came back in a big way.  I added new art medium to my expanding art supply collection.  I found new favorites and confirmed non-favorites.

So I’m now in a lull with knowledge and can’t spend all my waking hours on the Internet.  What do I do?

I found a really good pastel book:


Can I say it’s beautifully written?  It is.  It’s also very informative.  It has good explanations and wonderful samples of the painting processes and techniques.  There’s a variety of subjects it tackles and presents the steps to completing a painting.

This is a book you don’t want to rush through.  Right now, I’m studying Light and Shadows (pages 54-57) and will more than likely re-reading this section for the next several days.

I’m also taking notes from this book.  I have a notebook that I keep for tips and tricks that I uncover as well as the best art medium, best papers, and techniques.

This book “All About Techniques in Pastel” is a definite keeper and I am glad I bought it in hardback format as I will be keeping it next to my easel.

Now, if I can just find a good one on oil painting….

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