Day 1: Charcoal Drawing – Still Life

After our quick warm-up sketches, we were ready to draw from still life objects.  I chose a table with bottles.  Anna had some paper choices available.  I selected a piece of charcoal paper.  It had an interesting texture or tooth to it.

Here’s my drawing from class:


Can you see the paper’s texture or tooth in my drawing?  Look at the bottles and the lines.  In this drawing, I used a combination of vine and compressed charcoal.  I used my finger and blended areas to give a softer look.  The vine charcoal does a better job at blending.  I need to figure out how to blend the compressed charcoal better.  For now, this new art medium is a work in progress.

I have to say that I had a fun first night in class.  It was quite messy, but I learned a new technique in charcoal drawing.  Looking forward to what tomorrow night will bring.

Paper used:  Strathmore (300 series) Charcoal paper (laid)

My take away from class:  to be bold with charcoal and to use compressed charcoal more.

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