Day 3: Drawing Explorations – Charcoal on Toned Paper

For tonight’s class, Emily told us to bring in Toned paper, charcoal, and white chalk.  Emily placed several fruits and veggies on the table and since I was early to class I had a choice of seats.

I started to draw the outlines in vine charcoal.  Emily suggested I leave as much of the toned paper exposed and just fill in the shadows and highlights I saw.  Easily said than done.  I struggled with coloring/filling in all the objects with charcoal.  I squinted at my objects and decided to draw in the highlights first with white chalk.  Then I squinted some more and started to draw in the shading and shadows with the charcoal.  After 30 minutes, I started to see my creations take shape.

Here’s the end results:


I decided to make my own homework in between my weekly classes.  I took a picture of this still life from class.  I plan on reproducing additional drawings in different mediums.  Practice, practice, and more practice.  Look.  Squint.  Draw.  Simple enough….

Paper used:  Strathmore (400 series) Toned paper (brown)

My take away from class:  not to think too much and just draw what I see.

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