Day 1: Drawing Explorations Class – Rough Sketching

When I arrived at my local art gallery, there were several tables setup with still life objects.  A few tables were setup with styrofoam objects (cups, cones, etc).  Other tables had gray bottles, pots, and fruits.

Since I was the first one to arrive, I took a seat at a table with some difficult objects to draw.  For the first 30 minutes we drew basic outlines of the still life.  Here’s my first rendering:


We were then told to move to another table of our choice and do another basic outline of still life.  This time I chose the styrofoam objects.  Here’s my next rendering:


Still a work in progress.  I definitely need to practice every evening and work on perspective drawing.  Otherwise my artwork will appear to be wonky.  Looking forward to my next class.

Paper used:  Canson sketch pad 18″ x 24″

Take away from class:  need to work more on getting the perspectives right.


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