Pompadour Cotinga Burgundy – Anderillium Ink

This is a lovely burgundy ink color from Anderillum Ink. I like this ink color for writing in my journal and for my artwork. There’s a bit of familiarity with this color.

This ink color has a bit of shading and is quite lovely.

When I first saw this ink color, I immediately thought of Raspberry Rose and Black Tongue Spider Orchid. This ink color falls somewhere in between the two colors.

I misspelled the ink name on my swatch card. It should be Cotinga. The ink shows a bit of green sheen.

I like this inky color a lot. It’s not too rosy and not too pinky. I have to say it’s just right.

Ink: Anderillium Inks Pompadour Cotinga Burgundy

Pen: Stainless Steel Kakimori nib in a nib holder by River City Pen Company

Papers: Canson Mixed Media. GLP Creations The Author TRP 68gsm

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