Some Progress and Getting Back to the Gym

I slept well and woke up with the alarm this morning. First thing I thought about was going to the gym. That was a huge step for me. On previous mornings, that was the last thing I wanted to do. I made an effort to swap my night clothes and put on my gym clothes and brush my teeth. Another step in the right direction.

I saw my Hubby off to work around 7am. I took a few minutes and walked around our garden and snapped a few pictures. I noticed my Hubby’s BFF, the squirrel, was feasting on seeds and nuts on our platform bird feeder. No time for squirrel chasing or dawdling this morning as I had a goal to be somewhere.

I made it to the gym a bit after 8am. I wore my mask in and was told I did not need it as long as I was fully vaccinated. Yay team! I was then told to step over to a tablet stand and get my temperature checked. I was normal.

I made my way over to the women’s locker room. They have tall and short lockers and all the short ones had tape across their doors. I reached for a long locker and wouldn’t you know it, I could not reach the hooks to hang my jacket. I dropped my gym bag into the bottom of locker and folded my jacket and laid it over my bag. Yes, I am vertically challenged.

I had pulled out my Master Lock and then it dawned on me. I forgot my combination to open the lock. I had spinned the dial a few times and three numbers popped into my head. It took a few minutes to get the right sequence of numbers to open it. Not too bad for not having any coffee.

Am I the only one who has this type of lock?

I started my gym time with cardio and completed 1.25 miles or 21 minutes on the treadmill with a combination of walking and jogging. I had to be careful as my added body weight has caused some issues in my knees.

The remaining 39 minutes was spent lifting weights and I was in my zone. I missed that part of my gym time.

This morning, my Fitbit was extremely happy to see me back and doing more than my 60 stomach crunches, 15 push ups and a couple of leg squats I’ve managed to do weekly. When I would remember to do them. I’m feeling spunky and my endorphins have kicked in. This is definitely progress!

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