Squirrel Shenanigans

I’m taking a break from my hobbies and decided to write about funny things that surround me. Hubby and I are always laughing about something. Stories we share of funny things that happen while he’s at work or for me while at home.

So I grabbed my camera. Oh. That’s a hobby. I suppose I’m not taking a break after all. I saw our neighborhood squirrels gathering around. Looking for something to eat. Naturally, they stopped in our yard.

Here’s a picture for you to create your own caption/thought:

What was the first thought that came to your mind when you saw this picture? Something funny, right?

Squirrels are clever. They are silly too. Some are bold and wait for me to come within inches before they run off. Hubby gently says to me “you know, they might jump on you”. Now he tells me.

This one is clever. He can’t get to the food source at the center of this bird feeder. He does reach across and “scoops” the remnant pieces of seeds close to his mouth. At least he’s getting some exercise.

We have several bird feeders scattered around our yard. This will be our first time feeding the birds through the winter months. I’m looking forward to seeing who shows up and getting some photo ops. In the meantime, squirrels will have to do.

I had a funny feeling that we were playing a game of “red light, green light” and when I pointed my camera, he just “froze” in place. Hahaha!
Poor guy! He’s frustrated that he can’t get to the caged feed cake, while his buddy decides to climb up to the open platform feeder.
He’s finally figured it out, but not for long. The squirrel eventually pushes from the bottom and the feed cake moves up and away from his reach.
I enjoy watching them go up and down and getting a good workout.

Eventually the squirrels get frustrated/tired and leave. A few minutes later, the birds arrive.

Coming in for a landing!
I think this one is having a bad hair day.
The smaller birds feel safe inside this wide cage.
This one likes to “grab and go” with his seed selection.
I see you!

This slim feeder is a favorite for the larger birds (blue jays and cardinals) and it’s also somewhat squirrel proof. When the heavy squirrel grabs the wire cage, the cage slides down and covers the openings.

I’ll be back later with additional pictures. Enjoy your day!

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