Day 4: Charcoal Drawing – A Live Model

Our surprise for tonight was drawing a live model. Anna had invited her daughter to sit for us. We were all anxious and for me this was a first time I was drawing a person.

We were at our easels and to get us started and warmed up, Anna had us sketching body forms quickly. Arms posed this way and legs posed that a way.

After much laughter at our rough sketches, we were ready to begin. Anna draped a fabric over her daughter and carefully arranged the folds. We had 1-1/2 hours to produce something. I was amazed at how fearless I was with this project. I have Anna to thank.

Here’s my charcoal drawing:

I was tickled that Anna’s daughter put on her earphones. I thought she was listening to music on her iPhone when in reality she was playing a game. I think I captured the moment.

Paper used:  Strathmore (300 series) drawing paper

My take away from class:  I am fearless when I draw.  It’s becoming second nature for me to draw what I see.

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