My Ink…Finally Arrived

Note: This had nothing to do with shipping issues, other than my bottle of ink made a pit stop in Houston on Christmas eve before arriving to its final destination. I’ve been waiting for this ink since the middle of September.

What say you? I did a pre-order for this ink. I knew just by looking at the color that this ink would be special. I waited. Patiently. Saw other online shops were slowly getting their inventory. There were a few times I was going to jump ship and go with another online store, but I was getting a really good price for this ink. So, I waited some more. My online shop of choice was more than likely going to be the last one to get theirs. They did. Right before Christmas. They immediately shipped my bottle which probably ended up in one of those USPS pictures you saw where boxes were piled so high at the sorting facility. Hahaha!

Introducing Jacques Herbin’s latest addition: Vert Atlantide. This ink was worth the wait!

You can see in the picture that my Conklin Abalone was going to be a perfect match for this Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide. Not my chrome trim version, but my rose gold version.

Now, I have prior experience with using Jacques Herbin shimmering inks. Personally, it’s the best shimmering ink to use in a non-vintage fountain pen. Jacques Herbin shimmering inks are wet inks. They have less shimmering particles in their inks versus Diamine or Robert Oster. It would appear that the pens would be easier to clean. It is, but you still may have some shimmering residuals to deal with. Still, it won’t be loads of particles that you would see from the other two brands I just mentioned. Okay. Onto more pictures….

I actually made a mistake in my sketch of the bottle. There’s a lighter green shade at the bottom of the bottle that’s not the Vert Atlantide ink. I accidentally picked up the wrong pen which had Monteverde Olivine and used it for the shadows. Ooooops! Still, looks pretty cool!

Note: Make sure you read my caption in the picture. Ooooops! That’s what happens when I have too many pens on my desk and reach for the wrong one while I’m sketching.

This Vert Atlantide shimmering ink is…beautiful! I love a good green color. Not too dark and not too light or bright. This one lands right in the middle. I was going through my other color swatches and the closest color that I have (non-shimmering) is Robert Oster Sydney Darling Harbour. So, if you are looking for a shimmering version of Sydney Darling Harbour…Vert Atlantide is a great choice.

I think Robert Oster has the closest match. You can also see how dry the Graf von Faber-Castell ink is in comparison to the other two. That’s what I typically find with Faber-Castell…they are dry inks.

I gave my bottle a good shake and checked the bottom of the bottle to make sure no shimmers were stuck. After a good shaking (of any bottle), l always do my ink swatches. That gives the ink time to mix, settle, and bubbles to disappear. After the swatching, I can give the ink bottle a gentle shake and fill my pen.

When I was filling my Abalone pen, I made sure I dipped my pen all the way into the shimmers. I wanted to see everything this ink had to offer!

You can see how much shimmer is on my swatch card, including my writing. There’s silver and gold shimmers!

You can see how wet this ink is on my swatch card. Hardly any streaks towards the bottom. Oh the shimmers! Not too much to distract from the color. Beautiful intense ink color. Easy on the eyes to read. Oh and did I mention the subtle shimmers of silver and gold?

Remember to ignore the light green at the bottom 1/3 of the bottle. Wrong color. My boo-boo.

This “350” ink is an anniversary ink celebrating the launch of the Jacques Herbin brand in 1670 (Paris). It’s a limited edition ink. I’m not sure what that means, but there are still plenty of bottles available online.

Jacques Herbin did a great job with this color and the blend of different shimmers. This might be my favorite shimmer for 2020. That says a lot about this ink.

Check This Out!

I have to admit, I enjoy matching my fountain pen inks with my fountain pens. It comes natural to me. Okay, it helps that I have a lot of inks to choose from.

You can imagine what went through my mind when I purchased a pack of hair clips. One of the clips caught my eye. I just knew the perfects pens to go with it.

My hair clip and matching pens

It didn’t take long for the lightbulb to go off in my head. I gathered my pens and took a quick picture.

Still. It would be cool to find a matching resin fountain pen. Hmmmmm….

Happy Friday!

Another Abalone? Yes!

The first abalone pen I bought was the Retro 51 Cioppino fountain pen. The pen has bits of broken abalone strategically placed in a black background which looks to be resin. Covered with layers of clear resin. The Cioppino is trimmed with rose gold and comes with a JoWo #6 Stainless Steel nib. Like most Retro 51 pens with JoWo nibs, my pen is a smooth writer.

I had my eye on another abalone pen that kept popping up on several social media sites. This one was made by Laban. Abalone trimmed with polished chrome or matte gunmetal. Beautiful pen! I had not paid too much attention to this brand other than seeing their table at the local pen show. Their abalone pen ended up on my wishlist. Over time, that pen kept getting pushed further down on my list. More than likely because of the price. In that price range, I expect to see at least a 14K/585 gold nib on a pen. I know it’s because of the gorgeous abalone, but I still expect to see a gold nib and not gold plated. That’s just me.

A few months later, I saw another abalone pen pop into my radar. Stunning. With rose gold trim! Made by Conklin. Affordable too! So I did a “pre-order” with my go-to online retailer and waited. I noticed the pen’s arrival to several online shops was delayed. So I waited some more.

Then an email came from another online retailer (Goulet) announcing their Conklin Abalone in Chrome (Goulet exclusive) was available to order. Wait! What?! I had forgotten that a chrome version was specially made for Goulet and I must have subscribed to their notification for that particular pen. Naturally, I cancelled my “pre-order” with the other online retailer and placed an order with Goulet AND to include the new JoWo Omniflex nib. I was in for a very nice surprise!

So. Where’s the picture of my Abalone with chrome trim? Patience. I’m getting to it.

I was in love with my Conklin Abalone fountain pen! Stunning to look at. Lovely feel in hand. Beautiful writing experience with the new JoWo Omniflex nib. I could feel this nib bounce across my page while I was writing an entry into my Ink Journal. I did a writing sample on my Rhodia paper and experienced the same bouncy spring across the paper. I could not believe the joy I was experiencing with this pen!

Conklin’s new JoWo #6 Omniflex nib. A lovely writing experience. Just write with your normal handwriting to experience the bounce across the paper.

Fast forward to today. Here’s my other Abalone beauty that showed up from a Black Friday sale:

Conklin Endura Abalone in Rose Gold trim. I swapped out the nib unit and replaced it an extra JoWo Omniflex nib unit.

This rose gold version is just as stunning as the chrome version. The pen comes with a stainless steel black plated nib. I selected a Fine as I do not have that in my collection. Naturally when this pen arrived I immediately swapped it out for the spare JoWo Omniflex nib I had purchased from Goulet. It’s the same writing enjoyment I have with my chrome version.

If you look carefully, my two Abalones look quite different in the two trim colors. Each trim enhances the abalone colors. Like their own personality. I love it!

Oh yeah. You wanted to see my Cioppino pen. Here is is with my Conklin pens:

Conklin Endura Abalone in Rose Gold, Retro 51 Tornado in Cioppino, and Conklin Endura Abalone in Chrome (Goulet exclusive)

In case you want to see it at a different angle:

Is all this Abalone growing on you? You know. You want one….

Okay. My left brain tells me that this new Omniflex nib is a perfect pairing with my heavy Abalone pen. I think the weight of the pen supports the bouncy/springy feeling I get while I write. I’ve tried my Omniflex on my lightweight All American pen and there is still a bounce, but not as pronounced or as noticeable.

I want to add my personal experience with the Conklin Omniflex nib. I do have the older Omniflex nibs and they are the pits! I can say that here on my blog. Most were scratchy and had to be adjusted (the best I could do). Most of the time I had hard starts. Never had a smooth writing experience with those old nibs.

I do not flex the new Omniflex nibs. Folks are giving these JoWo nibs a bad name because they try to flex the nib while writing. I’ve cringed whenever someone has posted a picture of their bent nib.

I love my Abalone pens. They are definitely my EDCs. You’ve seen my chrome version in a previous post. Stunning and constant companions for me.


When purchasing Conklin pens from Goulet, you can select the Omniflex nib and it will be a JoWo Omniflex nib you will get. Goulet is very specific about this in their pen descriptions. I applaud them for letting us pen folks know what we are purchasing. Other online retailers are still selling the old Omniflex nibs. Trust me I know this. I emailed and called another online retailer and they told me it was the new JoWo Omniflex nib. I received a pen with the old nib. Apparently, some retailers are trying to sell and get rid of the old stock.

Please, do not try to flex this Omniflex nib. I’ve tried it once and the line variation is not that great. Not worth over bending/flexing the nib. There are other alternatives like a dip pen with a Nikko G or Leonardt nib that can give brilliant line variations.

The Retro 51 Tornado Cioppino is still available. Google is your friend. Retro 51 will be closing up their shop at the end of this year. They are still looking for a buyer to take over their business. Besides fountain pens, they also have ballpoint/rollerball pens. Lately, there’s been an explosion of rollerball pens they’ve produced exclusively for various online retailers. They are also announcing new pen(s) today. As in a few hours from now.

I will do a future post on Flex-type pens I have used and tried to use. If you have the money and would like a flex pen (non-vintage), I do suggest a Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with an FA nib. The FA nib is 14K/585 gold and has curved cutouts on the sides of the nib. This FA nib flexes a bit so I can get some beautiful line variations. Also. I have not had any issues with this beautiful pen. It is a wet writer.

Pilot does make another pen called Pilot Falcon. The nib on this pen is shaped like a falcon’s beak. It can flex a bit, especially the Soft Extra Fine or <SE> nib.

I wanted to point out the two different Pilot pens and nibs as folks use them interchangeably and then confusion sets in when they receive the wrong pen.