Day #5: Harmony

I’m glad there’s a break from all that shimmy and sheen from yesterday. Let me take a minute to recompose myself. Breathe in. Breathe out. Okay, onto the next ink color. 😃

Inkvent Day #5: Diamine Harmony

Diamine Harmony is a lovely purple and standard ink.

Since this ink has no shimmer nor sheen, I decided to use my glass dip pen to write with. Harmony has some lovely shading.

From my swatch, I can see a tiny bit of blue along with the pinky undertone color. Also I can see a tiny bit of dark sheen.

I was going through my swatch cards and most of the purple ink colors I have leans into the blue color range. Here are three colors I have that come close to Harmony.

Here’s my pen & ink sketch.

I like this purple ink color. It produces a gorgeous ink wash on my art paper. This color is not too bright and not too dark. Could be a “just right for me” purple color.

Ink: Diamine Harmony (standard)

Pen: Glass dip pen. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations TRP (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

Day #4…Wow!

No, that’s not the name of this ink. That’s my description when I swatched my card. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Inkvent Day #4: Diamine Tempest

I had a hard time locating door #4. As you can see the number is partially on the door and not in the center like the previous numbers.

Tempest is a dark blue shimmering ink.

My bottle is chock-full of shimmering particulates.

Here’s my writing sample and swatch. I made a mistake and wrote in the title below the wrong ink type. This is not a standard ink. It’s a shimmering ink as you can see. I was caught up in the moment with this ink color and not paying attention to what I was writing.

Looking straight down on my page I can see loads of shimmer.

At this angle…just WOW!

Let’s look at this from another angle.

My pen & ink sketch for today.

This is another gorgeous color. The best way I can describe this ink: dark blue with gold shimmers and a bit of pinky sheen. I can definitely see the pink sheen on my swatch card. This ink is definitely on my wish list. 🤩

Ink: Diamine Tempest (shimmer)

Pens: TWSBI ECO Blue with Stub 1.1 nib. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with TRP (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

Day #3 with Ash

So far, I’ve been extremely happy with the Diamine Inkvent colors. Okay, I’ve only swatched two inks. There’s been a few OMG-moments especially when I apply water to my swatches.

Today, I was not surprised to see a true “standard” ink. Especially with an ink called Ash.

Inkvent Day #3: Diamine Ash

I just noticed Diamine’s labeling system includes the ink’s color on the label. Like this label shows an actual gray color.

Here’s my writing sample for Day #3. This is definitely a gray color. There is some shading and that’s about it.

When I add some water to my swatch card, that’s when I can see the ink’s personality.

Here’s a better view of my swatch. There’s a tiny bit of blue and a bit of blush undertone colors showing.

A quick pen & ink sketch on mixed media paper:

Overall this is an interesting ink color. With my stub 1.1 nib, the ink shows some shading qualities. I was on the fence when I first saw this color. As I’m using it more and more, it has grown on me.

Ink: Diamine Ash (standard)

Pen: TWSBI Swipe with Stub 1.1 nib

Journal: GLP Creations Tomoe River Paper (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

Day #2 Includes Lots of Shimmer and Sheen!

Today we are in for a lovely ink surprise! It’s a beautiful green ink with lots of shimmer and sheen.

Inkvent Day #2: Diamine Garland

The label on the side of the bottle shows this Garland ink includes some shimmer and sheen.

Check out this next picture I took. Do you see it?

There are bright bits of blue shimmer sitting at the bottom of my tiny bottle. I already know I’m in for a real treat.

Let’s take a look at my swatch card and writing sample. Looking straight on I can see what looks like halos of red which makes my writing appear to glow a bit. Depending on the lighting, my swatch card shows a dark teal green ink color.

Here’s a close up of my writing sample that shows the gorgeous red sheen with bits of blue shimmers.

I’m saving the best picture for last. This is one stunning swatch card I have in my possession. Sigh! 🤩

From my writing samples, I can see bits of the teal green ink color surrounded by the red sheen and sprinkles of blue shimmer. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Here’s a quick pen & ink sketch on mixed media paper:

I’m thoroughly enjoying this lovely ink color and I’m looking forward to using this in some of my pen & ink artwork. This is definitely on my wish list and I hope Diamine produces this color in their larger bottle.

Ink: Diamine Garland (shimmer & sheen)

Pens Used: TWSBI ECO Green with Stub 1.1 nib. Glass dip pen. Automatic Pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with Tomoe River Paper (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media Paper

Happy Diamine Inkvent December and Day 1!

You’ve read in a previous post that I was able to get my hands on the Diamine Inkvent 2021 Calendar and I was anxiously waiting to bust open the bottles of ink. Well today is the first day of December and it’s only appropriate for me to share with you my first swatch (out of 25 colors). This will be a first for me as I will be posting an ink color each day until the 25th of December.

The front of my Inkvent Calendar box shows the numbers (1-25) and the perforated outlines representing the individual doors with the tiny bottles of ink behind them.

Here’s the back of the box.

I did open the top of the box and pulled out the plastic tray that holds the bottles of ink. Oooops! Two tiny bottles jumped out and landed on my desk. Uh-oh! I quickly figured out which day they belonged to and placed them in the tray. Box is now closed. Lesson learned. Must not open the box again. 🤣

Inkvent Day #1: Seize the Night

It’s not easy to open each door. I used the blade of my scissors to carefully “trace” the outline of the door and used my Cricut weeding tool to pull the door open.

Here is the bottle of ink behind Door #1. Can you hear me squealing with delight?

For those of you who are not partaking in the Inkvent calendar, I wanted to show the size of this tiny bottle (12 ml) in comparison to a bottle of Robert Oster ink (50 ml).

It took some effort to remove the plastic wrap from the tiny plastic bottle. Each bottle is labeled with the ink name in the front and on the side it shows the ink’s type. For Seize the Night, they called this a standard ink.

Here is a picture of my swatch samples and writing sample.

At first, the ink looks like an average brown/bronze ink. Until, I look at the ink from my swatch card at an angle. Do you see it? This ink appears to have a “vintage brass-like” sheen.

My writing sample showed very little specs of sheen.

Here’s a close up of my swatch card.

This ink color is hard to photograph. Especially with my writing sample. Is this a purple ink? Or a brown-bronze ink? When I added water to the ink swatch a reddish purple color appeared on my swatch card. It then dried to a purple hue. Yes, I was scratching my head on this one. I set my card aside to let it dry and did not see the color had changed.

I’ve changed my mind on this ink color. I would say this is a purple ink bronze ink with purple undertones and with a bit of vintage brass sheen. The more I write with this ink, the more I see a dark purple ink color on my paper.

Here’s my quick pen & ink sketch on mixed media paper:

Ink: Diamine Seize the Night (standard)

Pens Used: TWSBI GO with Stub 1.1 nib. Glass dip pen. Automatic Pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with Tomoe River Paper (68gms)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

Another Van Dieman’s Ink – Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red

Here’s the most recent fountain pen ink acquisition from Fountain Pen Day. It’s a Van Dieman’s Ink called Tamar Pinot Noir from their Original Colours of Tasmania series. It’s a beautiful red ink that is a subtle color and leans a bit towards brown. It’s a red that has some character with some shading and a tiny bit of sheen.

This has been on my wishlist for some time and was passed up several times as I selected other Van Dieman’s colors that had more sheen and/or shimmers. Now that I’ve gotten over the sheen mood (with much delight), it was time to try out what I call their basic ink colors.

It wasn’t too hard to find a fountain pen to go with this lovely ink. I thought it would be a great time to bring a few of my favorite pens back into my pen rotation. Here’s my Leonardo MZ in Pietra Marina. My Leonardo has a wonderful smooth nib and I can always count on having an enjoyable writing experience. It doesn’t hurt that the colors in this pen is gorgeous.

Okay, back to the ink! Depending on the lighting, this ink color appears to be a red wine color. When I pull my swatch card away from my lamp, the color appears to be more of a reddish coppery color. It reminds me of the underlying color in Private Reserve’s Copper Burst.

Here’s another sample swatch in my Stalogy ink journal.

It’s definitely a gorgeous red color. Not too dark and not too light. Just right!

Ink: Van Dieman’s Ink Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red from the Original Colours of Tasmania

Fountain Pen: Leonardo Momento Zero in Pietra Marine (Fine nib)

Journal: Stalogy 365

Another Van Dieman’s Ink

You might have noticed that I’ve been accumulating several bottles from the Van Dieman’s Ink brand. They have some gorgeous and vibrant ink colors that I could not pass up.

Here is Black Tongue Spider Orchid from their Wilderness Series line.

This is one gorgeous deep magenta & pinky purple color! Beautiful shading with a bit of dark sheen that almost looks black to me. This is a wonderful wet ink that I’m sure will be lovely to sketch with.

I have three other colors from this Wilderness series including Azure Kingfisher (a gorgeous shimmer), Eucalyptus Regnans, and Devil’s Kitchen. Devil’s Kitchen might sound familiar as I wrote about this ink color a few days ago.

In all, I have around 15 bottles from this brand. That clearly shows how much I enjoy using Van Dieman’s Ink for writing and journaling.

I’ve been filling my TWSBI GOs with the my new Van Dieman’s Ink. So far, I’ve been using three colors in my pen and ink wash sketches: Eucalyptus Regnans, Beetroot Relish, and Devil’s Kitchen. They’ve been performing beautifully. Lovely wet inks.

I’m hoping to dump use up my current inks in my remaining seven TWSBI GOs and fill them all with Van Dieman’s colors. I will have to keep one TWSBI filled with Robert Oster Thunderstorm (my fave) to use for base shadows in my sketches.

I enjoy seeing an ink plan come together and I can’t wait to use these vibrant and stunning colors in my creative journey.

Pen: Esterbrook Estie OS Dreamer Purple with Franklin-Christoph 14k Extra Fine Flex nib

Ink: Van Dieman’s Ink Black Tongue Spider Orchid

Paper: Rhodia

Another Pen & Ink in Rotation

I have another ink to show off. I had this bottle of Robert Oster ink sitting in my queue waiting for some action. I can’t tell you how many bottles of blue ink I have in various shades and tones. Let’s just say I have a lot! I’m sure some of you are in the same boat.

This one particular blue ink color has really caught my attention. It’s called Midnight Sapphire! I think this would be perfect for an everyday blue color. It’s vibrant and has a bit of character.

Here’s my writing sample and swatch. I have my lovely and beautiful Turnt Pen Co Pynchon PM4 pen filled with this gorgeous blue ink.

Midnight Sapphire is a dark blue ink that leans a bit towards purple. When touched with water, this ink color leaves behind a pinkish undertone depending on the paper used. It has some lovely shading and a bit of sheen. I’m trying to figure out the sheen that I’m seeing. Depending on the angle of my swatch card and lighting, I can see a dull copper-pink sheen along the edges.

This ink would be lovely to use in a pen & ink wash sketch. It feels a bit on the wet side. You can see from my mini swatch to the left of my swatch card how well the color pulls across the paper with water. I know my fellow workshop friends will understand and enjoy this bit of information.

My Turnt pen has fast become my favorite writing pen. It now has a slight edge over my Franklin-Christoph pens and closing in behind my Esterbrook Estie pens. I have to admit I keep twirling this pen and enjoy seeing all the lovely colors.

Pen: Turnt Pen Co Pynchon in Primary Manipulation 4 with Franklin-Christoph #6 HPS Fine nib

Ink: Robert Oster Midnight Sapphire

Paper: Rhodia Swatch card: Col-o-ring

Starting My Pen Rotation and a New Ink

I decided to start the month of October with a pen rotation. Normally, I just wait for the pen to run out of ink and then grab another pen to cycle in. I thought the best way to get started was to collect all of my recent EDWs or Every Day Writers from my pen case and desk and put them in my small plastic bin for my upcoming PCD or pen cleaning day later this week.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had several new ink bottles that were sitting on my desk for the last few weeks. This will give me an opportunity to try out the new ink colors and enjoy the writing experiences.

Before I get into one of my new inks, I wanted to show off a gorgeous nib I received recently with my Monteverde pen. I had my eye on this Innova Carbon Fiber Rainbow pen and to my surprise I was able to select a colorful Omniflex nib to go with this pen. This limited edition pen’s trim is called PVD Rainbow.

I remembered I had my Conklin Duragraph Black Matte with Rainbow trim currently sitting in my pen rotation queue. I think the rainbow Omniflex nib would also look stunning in my Conklin pen.

As you can see from the picture, my Monteverde Innova pen has a lot of pink in the rainbow trim. I decided to do a match with a less predominant color and went with something close to a dark teal color like Devil’s Kitchen.

I did not realize how much I enjoyed this Van Dieman’s Ink color until I started to swatch this ink. This is a beautiful wet ink and the teal color is absolutely stunning. This ink produces an amazing amount of shading along with a bit of pink sheen. I know this ink will be a joy to sketch with as it is gorgeous to write with.

Pen: Monteverde 20th Anniversary LE Innova Carbon Fiber Rainbow with Rainbow Omniflex nib

Ink: Van Dieman’s Ink Devil’s Kitchen

Paper: Rhodia

Day 3 at the Pen Show

Conveniently located near the entrance to the small ballroom…if you need cash right away!

I was up early again and had another early breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I made sure I had extra protein (eggs) for another long day. I was pretty sure a lot of people would be showing up for today’s show.

Before I forget, there were signs posted at the entrance into the show. It was good to see everyone wearing a mask.

After my breakfast I headed back to the ink tables to see what I missed from the previous morning.

I saw Barbara (one of the show managers) setting up a new ink table with Private Reserve Inks. Clearly she needed some help and I rolled up my sleeves which is a must if I’m anywhere near all things inky. I opened the boxes and then had to unseal the bottle tops and removed the caps and placed the bottles on the tables. My mind wasn’t too happy to see colors haphazardly strewn about on the table. I started to move the bottles around and arranged them by color. I tried to. Most of the bottles were full to the brim with ink and I had to be careful. I did manage to spill a doggie bowl full of pen flush across the table. Oooops! Initially it did not look like it was full of any liquid. That’s how clear the bowl was. Better that than valuable ink, right? Hahaha!

After rearranging the jars of ink, I grabbed my ink journal and proceeded to swatch all the Private Reserve colors in front of me.

I could sense people had started to arrive in the main hallway as the chatter of noise grew bigger. I checked my watch and the pen show had officially started for the public. I took a quick glance inside the main ballroom and could not believe the number of people.

I stopped by Stylosuite to say “good morning” to Les. A rare moment when his table was not busy.

Another picture of his beautiful pen displays.

As I walked around the tables and took pictures, one of the things I tried not to do is interfere or disturb people who were looking at pens. That’s why my pen pictures are scattered across several days during the long weekend.

Here are some Trenche pens on display:

The Laban tables were full of colorful and shiny pens.

Diplomat pens:

Diplomat Aeros


Esterbrook pens

I tried to walk around and get my laps in and steps counted, but even little ole me had a tough time walking through the crowds.

I wandered around the main hallway and snapped a couple of pictures where I could.

Taccia table:

Narwhal table:

Apparently I heard some folks missed or did not know about the small ballroom. I spent a lot of time in there.

Carolina Pen Company:

IronFeather Creative:

Riggs Pens:

I decided to head back to my room and unwind until it was time to haul my bags down to the meeting room for my second workshop.

In the meantime, I received a text from Hubby that he left the house and was on his way back to the hotel. I warned him about the crowds of pen-folks he might encounter.

Apparently at some point, the line to get into the pen show had extended to the double doors that led to/from the garage. I cannot confirm this, it’s just what I heard.

I was down in the meeting room getting the workshop setup when I see Hubby coming into the room. He asks “Okay, so what pen did you get?” Startled, my eyes must have gone big and wide as one of my workshop attendees started giggling. I immediately pull out my pen case and show Hubby my Stylosuite pen and the fancy flex nib. He thought that was the coolest thing. Before he left the meeting room, he mentioned that we were going shopping. I asked “where?” and he said upstairs. I was laughing as I thought we were going to the Mall.

After the workshop was finished, I quickly packed up my supplies and journals and headed up to the room. I had no idea what “shopping” meant to my Hubby and he does not like being around crowds.

Apparently he wanted to get me a fountain pen. I already knew which table I wanted to go back to. Hubby was brave as there still was a large crowd, but folks have told me it wasn’t as bad as the late morning/early afternoon crowd. We made our way to the small ballroom and we were in front of the Turnt Pen Co table.

Tim Crowe owner of Turnt Pen Co.

Besides creating/turning pens, Tim also creates his own blanks. They are absolutely beautiful and stunning.

I showed Hubby my PM 4 pen that I had purchased the day before and he loved the colors in that pen. That helped him figure out the next pen for me. Hubby saw a Peacock (Bob Dupras) pen with lovely swirls of blue and green. He said it reminded him of the Caribbean Sea. Tim immediately knew my process and asked which nib I wanted and installed it along with a converter into the pen. I did my imaginary writing and knew that all was well in my fountain pen world. Hubby purchased my Christmas present and not to be seen again until December 25th!

Now, that’s just plain rough for me for the next few months. Knowing there’s a new pen in the house and I can’t touch it. Hahaha!

Hubby wanted to leave the hotel and get some dinner. At that moment, I did not realize how good it felt to be outside. Besides having dry eyes from forgetting to blink while looking at all things pen and ink related, I was lacking my daily dose of Vitamin D.

I could not eat all of my meal. See the empty chip basket?

Later in the evening I started to pack up the supplies and clothes I no longer needed and packed a few things in my car. Less is better in the morning when I’m ready to check out.

More to come.