A Flower

Personally, I think flowers are a difficult subject to draw.  I have a few hundred flower pictures in my archive.  When I get ready to draw, I always pull out a flower picture first.  It could be the composition that catches my eye or the the colors.  Then I put it back in my stack and pull out another picture not related to anything floral.

Today, I decided to grab a flower picture and just draw it.  I started with a loose outline of the flower.  I then sketched in the darkest values first.  The background came next.  I could have done more, but less is better.  I like how this one came out.  My motto:  Just Do It!


I left my remaining loose outlines on the paper.  That way you can tell where I started from and it also lets your imagination run wild as to how you would finish the flower.

Paper used:  Canson sketch paper


Personal Drawings: A Tropical Fish

I’m in a lull where I’m not taking any art classes for a few weeks.  I am making a point to practice during the evenings and on weekends.  Time permitting.  I have a lot of photos that I have taken and I have spent some time going through them.  The ones I have selected to draw, I have them printed on my Epson printer on 5″x7″ photo paper.  This size paper is big enough to see the details and still small enough that I can stick it on the corner of my drawing board while I sketch/draw.  The 4″x6″ photo paper is too small to see any details, but I will print a few of this size for quick references and they are small enough to carry in my purse for when I want to draw-on-the-go.

I have a lot of tropical fish pictures I have taken from my snorkeling adventures in the Caribbean.  I thought today would be a good time to get out my graphite pencils and do a drawing of a Blue Tang:


Drawing with graphite pencils is my first choice and favorite art medium to use.  I do like to experiment with color and I am still learning to use my color pencils.  I am also glad to have had the opportunity to experiment with color pencils in my Drawing Explorations class back in May.  I thought it would be a great idea to redraw my Blue Tang drawing in color:


This drawing is still a work in progress.

Here’s another drawing in the works:


Papers used:  Canson Sketch paper

Day 1: Drawing Explorations Class – Rough Sketching

When I arrived at my local art gallery, there were several tables setup with still life objects.  A few tables were setup with styrofoam objects (cups, cones, etc).  Other tables had gray bottles, pots, and fruits.

Since I was the first one to arrive, I took a seat at a table with some difficult objects to draw.  For the first 30 minutes we drew basic outlines of the still life.  Here’s my first rendering:


We were then told to move to another table of our choice and do another basic outline of still life.  This time I chose the styrofoam objects.  Here’s my next rendering:


Still a work in progress.  I definitely need to practice every evening and work on perspective drawing.  Otherwise my artwork will appear to be wonky.  Looking forward to my next class.

Paper used:  Canson sketch pad 18″ x 24″

Take away from class:  need to work more on getting the perspectives right.


Getting Ready for My First Class (in years)

I’m getting ready to start a class at my local art center.  My first art class since early 2000.  I thought I would start practicing the basic drawing skills like drawing an object, it’s shadows, and shading.  First, I created a value chart for my personal use:

My graphite value charts

The above chart will help me make sure I have contrast in my drawings.  I tend to sketch/draw lightly so that everything looks flat.  I need to work on being bold and show contrast in my work.

Then I drew the typical ball with it’s shadow and shading or values.  I’m getting there.  See the contrast?


My sphere drawing showing cast shadows

Then I decided to just practice what I wanted to draw  I dug out my vacation snapshots and came across my turtle pictures I took while in Costa Maya.  It’s a start:


I will be back with more.