Starting Somewhere Right?

Oh my. Months have passed since I lasted posted. You can already see I’m way behind. I have lots of creative stuff to share. Yes. I am the holdup. Be patient as I get into writing about my creative adventures.

I thought I would jump right in with today. Start with a picture I took this morning:

My quick sketch of red candies. Odd numbers, like the 3 pieces, helps with composition. Placement also helps with the flow. Do you see your eyes making a complete triangle, visually?

I will be sharing this on my other social media outlets for others to see. Here at my personal site, you get to experience a bit more about my what goes through my head when I see colors. Like this Red Candy!

I typically start with my pen and ink. I recently received my Pineider Avatar UR in Angel Skin (with swirls of pinky-red colors) from a Black Friday special. I’ve been keeping an eye on this pen color. When I finally saw one on sale and with an EF nib I wanted, I quickly added to my cart. The last one. I seem to do that a lot lately.

I originally matched this pen with Ferris Wheel Press Pink Eraser. It was a perfect match to the pink part of my pen. OMG! The ink color was too light to read on paper. That appears to be a problem with a few FWP inks I received from their kick starter campaign. I will save that topic for a later post.

I quickly dumped the ink and went through my swatch cards to come up with another color. Something I could read. Like Red Candy by Robert Oster. Yes. I can always rely on my Robert Oster inks.

Once Red Candy became one with my Angel Skin pen, I immediately had visions of the red mint candies I had growing up. Many, many years ago. It was a treat around Christmas time.

That’s how my sketch started. This morning. Sometimes I just draw and see where it takes me. Other times, I’m mindful of quantities and placement, as in the picture above.

When I share my writing samples (pen and ink), my choice of paper is Rhodia. The standard #16 Black covered pad of paper. Blank paper to be exact. What?! Yes. I prefer the blank sheets of paper. No grid lines. No dots. No distractions.

Once I’m done with my photo op and post on social media, my sample sheets are dated and gets stored back into the pad. Eventually, I will punch the papers and put into a book. This is one way I can document writing samples and artwork for future reference.

I hope you enjoyed my adventure for today. Do something fun! Be creative! Stay well!