Day 23: My Non-Coral Red Swatches

Today’s Diamine ink color is Celebration. This is a coral-red-peach color with golden shimmers. Thank you T for sharing your lovely swatches.

When I first saw a few swatches of Celebration, the first color that came to my mind was coral. The closest swatch color I had was from last year’s Red Inkvent calendar called Peach Punch. This is a red that leans a bit towards orange.

I initially pulled a few other swatches and ended up with the following colors that leans a bit more towards red-pink.

Red Lustre and Pink Glitz has golden shimmers.

I picked Sushi because it’s another fave color of mine. A plain pinky-red ink color that creates a lovely light pink wash.

Looks like I will be adding Celebration to my wish list as I do not have a true coral ink color.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Peach Punch. Diamine Red Lustre and Pink Glitz (shimmers). Robert Oster Sushi.

Day 22: My Eggplant Purple Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Deck the Halls. It’s a stunning chameleon ink with rose gold and copper shimmers. As more folks are posting this lovely ink color on social media, I’m seeing a purple color leaning towards red. The first thought that popped into my head was eggplant.

T’s swatch shows a pretty display of rose and gold shimmers.

Since this is called a chameleon ink, I expected to see two different shimmers in this ink. I can definitely see some rose and gold shimmers from T’s bottle.

I mentioned in my last blog post how I enjoy a good medium to dark pink color. I also enjoy a good purple leaning red color. You can see from my selection, this purple is also one of my fave colors.

I enjoy having a good range of colors. Each one has a unique personality or two.

I tried to narrow down my selection.

Sunset has a pretty rose gold shimmer.

If I had to choose three colors from inky collection, it would be these three.

Sydney Lavender and Summer Purple are my favorite purple ink colors.

Here’s a pen & ink wash circle I created back in November showing off Sydney Lavender’s underlying colors. Gorgeous, huh?

Yes, I will be adding Deck the Halls to my wish list as I do not have an eggplant ink color with the rose, gold and coppery shimmering particles.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Harmony. Diamine Frosted Orchid (shimmer). Robert Oster Sydney Lavender, Velvet Crush, and Silver Dawn (shimmer). Kaweco Summer Purple. Montblanc Amethyst. Van Dieman’s Ink Black Tongue Spider Orchid and Beetroot Relish. Dominant Industry Sunset (shimmer).

Day 21: My Lovely Red Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Cosy Up. This is a lovely standard red ink color. It’s a basic medium red ink with a pink base.

Here is T’s ink swatch and writing sample.

A close up of T’s swatch shows a tiny bit of dark sheen.

I have to mention again how lovely this Cosy Up ink color is. It wasn’t too hard for me to come up with several comparison swatches from my inky collection.

I’ve included last year’s Red Robin swatch along with other Diamine and Robert Oster reddish-pinky ink swatches.

Here are three standard inks that remind me of Cosy Up. Sushi is a fave ink of mine.

Here are my dark pink and red inks with shimmering particles.

Pink Glitz has gold shimmers while Pink Ice has silver shimmers. These two are my favorite medium to dark pink shimmering ink colors. No Fixed Address is a red color with blue shimmers.

I prefer to use medium to dark pink ink colors for my journal writing and sketches. My pink inks are used as a substitute for using red in my sketches. I find reds to be a bit bold and overwhelming while a good pink ink can be subtle and blends well on art paper.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Red Robin. Diamine Pink Glitz and Pink Ice (shimmers). Robert Oster No Fixed Address (shimmer), Red Candy, Rubine, and Sushi.

Day 20: My Dark Blues Swatches with Sheen and Shimmers

Today’s Diamine daily ink color is Arctic Blast. This is a dark blue chameleon ink with lots of sheen and shimmers. There’s a lot going on in T’s writing sample.

In T’s photo, I can see the blue shimmers in her bottle. Others have mentioned seeing turquoise blue and pink shimmers.

Here is my swatch selections for today. All five show off some lovely red sheen.

All but my Ruby Blues have shimmering particles.

I’ve narrowed down my swatch selection to three choices.

Each of these three inks have a unique personality especially with their shimmering colors. I really do enjoy a gold rose gold/copper shimmering ink. That’s probably why I like Ham so much. For Stars & Stripes, the ink appears to have slightly larger shimmering bits or perhaps the shimmers are more metallic and shows off the bright sparkles more.

Ham does lean more towards a dark teal color. It’s a beautiful ink to write with and creates a beautiful color wash.

Yes. I have too many bottles of blue ink. Yes. I will be adding Arctic Blast to my wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Ruby Blues. Diamine Jack Frost. Colorverse Stars and Stripes and Ham Glistening inks. Robert Oster Blue Moon (shimmer)

Day 19: My Dark Blue Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Silent Night. This is a standard dark blue ink color with a some red sheen.

T’s swatch shows an amazing amount of red sheen.

Silent Night is what I call a true blue ink color. I came up with four ink swatches that have similar personalities.

I found a sketch online where I could see some hints of pink in the underlying color.

It’s early in the morning and I was not able to find too many swatches online to help me with the color comparisons. For now, I’ll go with what I have.

Ink swatches: Robert Oster Great Southern Ocean and Tokyo Blue Denim. Diamine Blue Black and Denim.

Day 18: My Olive Green Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Olive Swirl. This is another chameleon ink with some green-gold-pink shimmers. From the online swatch samples there appears to be a dark brown sheen as well.

The bottom of T’s bottle shows off the shimmering colors of green, gold, and pink. Absolutely gorgeous!

Olive green is one of my favorite ink colors to use for journal writing and for my sketches. Naturally, I have too many swatches to show in a single picture. It would have been overwhelming to show the different variations of this earthy color.

I ended up selecting a few that represents a good range of personalities. Tea Time and Saguaro Green are very close colors, but slightly different from this angled view.

Brane and Prairie Green are shimmering inks.

It’s interesting to see how different and unique an olive green ink color can be.

Brane and Prairie Green are my favorite green shimmering ink colors. Brane has green and blue metallic shimmers. Prairie Green has gold and copper-like shimmers.

I would definitely add Olive Swirl with all it’s shimmering trio of colors to the top of my wish list.

Ink swatches: Colorverse Brane (shimmer). KWZ Ink/Galen Leather Prairie Green (shimmer). Ferris Wheel Press Peter Moss. Vista Inks Leyte. Robert Oster Tea Time and Saguaro Green.

Day 17: My Orange Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is a standard ink called Flame. It’s basically a bright orange ink.

From T’s swatch, I can see some lovely blooms created from the drops of water interacting with the ink.

I do not have too many orange inks. I think Wonderland and Flap Jack Orange are close matches.

I wanted to show the other inks I have that are a bit darker and not as bright. Burned Orange and Antelope Canyon have some lovely dark brown sheen around the edges.

Since I already have two bright orange inks, I won’t be adding Flame to my wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Wonderland. Anderillium Flap Jack Oct Orange. Robert Oster Burned Orange and Antelope Canyon. Private Reserve Shoreline Gold.

Day 16: My Teal Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Serendipity. It’s a teal ink color with an intense red sheen and a rose-gold-copper shimmer. I can see from T’s writing sample, I can hardly see the blue ink color. It’s mostly the red sheen I see.

In T’s swatch there’s definitely a teal base color underneath all that gorgeous sheen.

Here’s my three swatches from my inky collection. Yuletide is from last year’s calendar. I’ve included two of my fave ink colors Devil’s Kitchen and Blue Velvet Storm.

All three inks have the similar red sheen.

I enjoy writing and sketching with teal ink colors. I will add Serendipity to my wish list. This color which includes the rose-gold-copper-like shimmers is unusual and would be a good additional to my ink collection.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Yuletide. Van Dieman’s Ink Devil’s Kitchen. Robert Oster Blue Velvet Storm.

Day 15: My Chocolate Browns

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Pick Me Up. This is a scented and sheening ink.

The swatch from T shows a lovely bright green sheen with a light coffee scent. The color reminds me of chocolate brown.

Here are my choices for today. Last year’s Winter Spice came to my mind as well as Pamana. I had to add Caffe Cream and Kanasas City for the underlying colors.

From my angled shot, I can see the properties of the inks better. Pamana definitely shows the similar bright green sheen.

Here’s a close up of Winter Spice. The green sheen is not as bold as Pick Me Up.

Winter Spice has been on my wish list since last year. This is a lovely reminder that I need to get a full bottle of this color. The blue shimmers and green sheen is a lovely combination.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Winter Spice (shimmer/sheen). Vinta Inks Pamana. Robert Oster Caffe Crema and Kansas City.

Day 14: My Dark Golden Yellows

Today’s Diamine calendar color is Three Kings which is a standard golden yellow ink color. There appears to be a dark sheen on T’s swatch card.

Here’s my selection for today. Brandy Snap and Candle Light are from last year’s calendar.

I also included two swatches from Robert Oster to round out the range of underlying colors I was seeing from other swatches on social media.

I’ve narrowed it down to two swatches Brandy Snap and African Gold. My darker golden yellows. I see a combination of these two colors in Three Kings.

African Gold is another fave color of mine especially for sketching.

Three Kings reminds me of a dark golden mustard color. Just for fun I’ve included my Daniel Smith watercolor swatch Quinacridone Gold.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Brandy Snap and Candle Light. Robert Oster African Gold and Honey Bee.

Watercolor swatch: Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Quinacridone Gold