Getting Ready for My First Class (in years)

I’m getting ready to start a class at my local art center.  My first art class since early 2000.  I thought I would start practicing the basic drawing skills like drawing an object, it’s shadows, and shading.  First, I created a value chart for my personal use:

My graphite value charts

The above chart will help me make sure I have contrast in my drawings.  I tend to sketch/draw lightly so that everything looks flat.  I need to work on being bold and show contrast in my work.

Then I drew the typical ball with it’s shadow and shading or values.  I’m getting there.  See the contrast?


My sphere drawing showing cast shadows

Then I decided to just practice what I wanted to draw  I dug out my vacation snapshots and came across my turtle pictures I took while in Costa Maya.  It’s a start:


I will be back with more.

Something Old….

I hope to have this blog updated or to include past entries from another blog.  I started to blog about my artwork back in 2011 when I was dabbling with oils and then acrylics.  There is good information and reviews on products that I used and tested that I hope to share going forward.  So, be patient as I work out the backing up of data, exporting, and then importing the information.  I will let you know when it takes place.  Stay tuned!

My Journey Begins

I love all things art.  That includes what I see on paper, on canvas, and through the lens of my camera.  My mind is always wandering.  How many colors do I see?  What is the composition?  How does the rule-of-thirds apply?  Where is the source of light?  Where are the shadows?  Can I draw this?

It is all about learning to look.  Capture the moment in my head.  Take a snapshot with the tools I have.  Reproduce the creative moment.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton